Thermal transfer ribbons

To guarantee our customers high standards of quality and yield of consumable products, we supply only the thermal tapes tested and guaranteed by our technical department. We have many types of ribbons: wax, wax / resin, resin. Both black and colored (red / blue / green / white) Depending on the type of printer and the finished product, we are able to recommend the type of tape that best suits the customer’s needs. Wax ribbons Wax ribbons are perfect for printing text, graphics and barcodes with well-defined edges. The resistance to erasing is acceptable. Wax / resin ribbons With excellent resistance to scratches and erasures, wax / resin thermal ribbons guarantee excellent print quality even at high speeds. Resin ribbons Maximum resistance to external agents that could scratch the print and excellent resistance to temperatures up to 250 ° C. perfect for products requiring sterilization or pasteurization after packaging.